What Is Assisted Living? Assisted Living Defined

May 02, 2023

What is assisted living? A simple definition might be a type of senior living that provides housing, personalized care and support with activities of daily living. Care may be included in the monthly rental fee, or provided on an ala cart basis where you choose how much help you want and need.

But there is so much to discover about this exceptional lifestyle in terms of benefits, newfound freedom, and resources for living a long, and healthy life. Assisted living can be an exceptional choice for you, or for a loved one—once you realize all that it offers.

The goal of assisted living

Your independence. That’s right, the goal of modern assisted living is to help you remain independent and enjoy an engaging, purposeful life. Or, as we like to say at The Herrick House, “independence and companionship, with a little help and a lot of caring.” In this supportive environment, you can feel safe, respected and empowered to keep enjoying all the things you love most, with the freedom to explore even more pursuits.

What is assisted living? It’s a place where:

You have time to really enjoy life

No more worries about a clogged kitchen sink, leaky roof or calling someone to paint the front porch. You’ve traded home upkeep and daily chores for the freedom to enjoy your day as you choose: making friends. Learning to paint. Sitting by a fireplace with a good book. Inviting your grandson over for lunch. Watching a movie with friends.

You have a helping hand

One of the best answers to “what is assisted living” is how much support you can receive. Assistance with bathing, dressing, eating and medication as well as onsite medical care if needed. Maybe you just need a hand now and then, or perhaps you’d appreciate more frequent support. It’s there for you in assisted living.

You have lots of companionship

Living at home alone and feeling left out is very dangerous for senior health. Friends move away, neighborhoods change, and family members often are busy with their own lives. But as a resident of a thriving assisted living community, you are part of a warm and caring family of people who make great companions for walks, meals, parties, outings, and just everyday conversation.

What is assisted living? A great place to find, and be, a good friend.

You have lots of opportunities to socialize

Life at home alone can get pretty boring, which is bad both for your brain and your mood. Now consider the vast array of activities, programs, and events that await you in assisted living.

At The Herrick House, you have your choice: chair yoga, family barbecues, golf putting, trivia, birthday luncheons, special outings, music concerts, daily exercise, meditation, holiday parties, religious services, educational programs and so much more.

You have peace of mind

Just knowing that someone is always looking out for you can lift your spirits. In a supportive assisted living environment, professional staff keep an eye on residents and are able to note subtle changes in health or behavior that could signal more attention is needed. This continuous monitoring can offer great peace of mind for both residents and their families.

The Herrick House is located on the upper campus of Beverly Hospital, offering easy access to physician, outpatient, and 24/7 hospital services. In addition, as a member of Beth Israel Lahey Health, The Herrick House staff can connect residents and families to a comprehensive range of healthcare services.

Care and camaraderie for an exceptional way of life

Today’s assisted living communities offer an inviting ambiance designed to respect and inspire each resident’s journey. We welcome you to learn more.

Feeling at home, enjoying life to the fullest.  Contact us to learn more about The Herrick House or to schedule a tour.

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