Wellness Programs & Activities

Services to promote good health and enhance your quality of life

Wellness Programs and Activities at The Herrick House

Your health, safety and overall wellness is the focus of everything we do at The Herrick House. Through our Wellness Center, licensed nurses coordinate a variety of services to help you manage your health. They’re on-site around the clock and work to keep you feeling your best. But we believe there’s much more to senior wellness.

We’re proud to offer a caring community that’s warm, cheerful and engaging. It makes everyday life more enjoyable. It also improves your sense of well-being. That’s why we host a variety of social, spiritual, cultural and educational programs.

Fun Activities for a Variety of Interests

Our director of resident life, along with recreation program assistants, use their expertise and creativity to develop a full schedule of activities and events. With the variety of daily, weekly and monthly programs available at The Herrick House, you’re certain to find things you like to do. And the best part is, these activities you enjoy also benefit your health.

Social Opportunities

Did you know that being isolated from others can have a negative impact on your health? Loneliness has been linked to heart problems, cognitive decline and other medical problems.

At The Herrick House, there are always chances to be around people with similar interests. At the residence you can gather with friends at the Heel Tapper Pub for our daily social hour, attend movies or play trivia. You’ll also find socials — including special socials for veterans — and resident town meetings on the schedule. You can take part in whatever activities you like and rest assured knowing that you never have to be alone.

We offer pet therapy for residents interested in feeling some extra love and joy from a furry friend. For your enjoyment, we also offer group off-campus outings to places such as restaurants, cinemas and museums.

Physical Wellness Activities

Regular physical activity is vital to your health. You’ll find plenty of opportunities here. Why not give our daily exercise classes a try, or join us for chair yoga? If these activities don't interest you, perhaps you’d enjoy some golf on our putting and driving range. Even the walking paths on our beautiful grounds can help you get your blood pumping.

Spiritual Activities

For many people, tending to their spiritual health is as important as addressing their physical needs. We offer activities including on-site religious services, meditation and spiritual wellness programs for our residents.

Creative & Artistic Offerings

Activities such as art classes and crafts may help you explore your creative side. Plus, they can be a lot of fun!

Eldergrow Program

Our residents can experience therapeutic gardening with our mobile, indoor garden through the Eldergrow Program.

Entertainment & Special Events

At The Herrick House, we like to celebrate and have a good time! We offer holiday parties, birthday luncheons, theme dinners, family barbecues and other special events. Movies, concerts and other types of entertainment are often on the docket, as well.

There’s Something for Everyone

These are only some of what you’ll find here. We also offer other classes and educational programs through our Wellness Center, along with a lifestyle that’s hard to resist. Come see for yourself everything we have to offer — and how it will be good for you — when you make The Herrick House your home.

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