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Is Senior Living the Right Choice for Me?

January 09, 2024

Aging in place appeals to many older adults who are hesitant to leave their familiar home, while others are attracted to the carefree lifestyle that today’s senior living can offer. To help you determine which would be the best fit for you or your loved one, we at The Herrick House suggest considering the following questions.

Senior Living: Can it Beat Living at Home?

Life sure seemed a lot simpler when Ozzie and Harriet were on television. The message was that everything was okay as long as meals were on time and the house was clean. While it was entertaining, it wasn’t realistic, especially when it comes to getting older.

For some, staying at home can be a successful option, if conditions are right and resources are in place for future care needs. To help you decide if this is the case in your home, here are things to think about when comparing aging in place to senior living:

  • Taking care of your home. If you’ve lived at home for a number of years, think about how much upkeep and maintenance is required—and how much more you’ll have to do soon. Are you doing this work yourself, or will you need outside help? Give some thought to how much you spend for repairs such as a new roof, furnace or interior painting.
  • Staying safe at home. Home might be where the heart is, but it’s also a setting filled with potential hazards. For example:
    • Are there stairs? Are they well-lit, with handrails, and free of loose carpet?
    • Is there adequate lighting throughout your home, including closets?
    • Have you added any safety features to your bathroom, such as grab bars, a raised toilet, or non-slip surfaces?
    • Are your doorways wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair if needed?
    • Is your home relatively free of clutter so that pathways are not blocked?

Do You Have a Generator for Use During a Power Outage?

  • Getting around. Living at home means finding ways to get to the grocery, pharmacy, physician, bank, and other locations. Do you feel comfortable driving, or do you have another method of transportation you can access?
  • Staying social. Feeling connected is one of the most important aspects of healthy aging. Are you alone most of the time? Is it difficult to find opportunities to socialize with friends or family? Many seniors find that many friends have moved, and neighborhoods have changed.
  • Receiving care and a helping hand. Could you use some assistance with daily activities, such as preparing meals, personal grooming, or housework? Do you sometimes forget to take prescribed medications? Is mobility an issue?

As you consider the aspects of aging, you might prefer a lifestyle where you know support is available around the clock and all the pesky worries of maintaining a home are gone. Senior living can be an option.

What Senior Living Could Mean for You

  • No more chores. No more worries of home repair, leaky roofs, rickety stairs, walls to paint or even changing a lightbulb. You’ve done all that—senior living frees you to enjoy a carefree life.
  • Peace of mind. Today’s senior living communities are designed from top to bottom with one thing in mind: your safety and your satisfaction. Features like wider halls, good lighting, non-slip floors and more are all there.
  • Transportation provided. If you’re ready to be free from rush-hour driving, senior living provides scheduled transportation to physician appointments, as well as destinations including grocery stores and pharmacies. And there’s usually a calendar of group outings you can join via the community van as well.
  • Friends are everywhere. In senior living, there’s always someone nearby for a conversation, a walk outside, or with whom to dine. Activities and events make it easy to make friends and feel part of a friendly neighborhood again.
  • Care and assistance. That’s what senior living is all about. Receiving compassionate, professional care when you need it.

As You Contemplate Your Options, Keep Us in Mind

Independence and companionship, with a little help and lot of caring: The Herrick House is an exceptional choice for assisted living and memory care in Beverly, Massachusetts. Let us tell you more!

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