Assisted Living Health Care Services

Continuous health monitoring and ongoing medical care with the comforts of home

Nursing and Medical Care at The Herrick House

If you know you’re safe and secure, it’s easier to relax, feel good and greet each day with confidence. Health care services at The Herrick House offer that kind of peace of mind. Through our Wellness Center, we provide nursing services and health care coordination to help keep you healthy and functioning your best. A variety of services and programs set us apart from other assisted living facilities.

Senior Care that Keeps You Front and Center

Small changes in your health might go unnoticed if no one is keeping a close eye on you. At The Herrick House, our specially trained staff keep our residents under a caring, watchful gaze. Often, we pick up on signs that something might be wrong. Whether we notice subtle changes, or you’re facing a sudden emergency, we'll make sure you get the medical assistance you need. Even in the middle of the night, you can count on us to be there to help.

Medication Management

We offer three options for managing medication:

  • Independent medication management. You or your family are solely responsible for managing your medicines.
  • Self-administered medication management. Resident care aides may assist you with opening your medicines and observe while you take them.
  • Medications administered by a licensed nurse.

Health Care Coordination

Our licensed nursing staff can assist you with the many aspects of managing your condition, including coordinating medical appointments and ordering all necessary medical supplies. This can be especially helpful for busy family members who would otherwise have to handle these tasks themselves. Health care coordination also may include these other valuable services:
Medical History and Physician's Orders

Before moving in, The Herrick House requires physician orders as well as a history and physical from the primary care physician before you move in. (If you have an existing relationship with your physician, these forms can typically be filled out by the physician without having to see you again.) We can help you gather this critical information.

These forms become part of the resident’s chart in the Wellness Center. They contain historical information our nurses need to understand your medical background. It also provides a care plan for our nurses to follow pertaining to medications, treatments, laboratory (and other) orders, allergies and special diets.

Coordination of Visiting Nurses, Physical Therapy & Geriatric Psychiatric Care

If the resident selects our medical coordination option and our staff determines they could benefit from visiting nurse, physical therapy or geriatric psychiatric services, we will contact the resident's primary care physician to get a referral for the appropriate services.

Once a referral is made, nursing staff works with local agencies to coordinate services. In the case of geriatric psychiatry services, a social worker, working with the nursing staff, will make the appropriate arrangements. This could include making an appointment with the geriatric psychiatric nurse practitioner or social worker from the Center for Healthy Aging or, if needed, an inpatient stay at a local psychiatric unit.

On-Site Laboratory Services

Our affiliation with Beverly Hospital allows you to receive laboratory services here at The Herrick House. Lab staff provide blood draws and other services in the privacy of your apartment, making things easy and convenient for you.

Physician Appointment Coordination

As needed, our nurses contact your doctor’s office to arrange medical appointments. We can coordinate transportation from The Herrick House, as well.

We send your medication and treatment record, along with a blank physician’s order sheet, with you to your appointment. This enables the doctor to make any changes or send new orders back so our nurses can implement them right away.

Prescription Services

Our nurses make sure prescriptions from your doctor are filled or refilled. This means you never have to worry about running out of your medicine or rushing to get new medication if your doctor makes a change.

We order medication in unit-dose packaging and have an established relationship with a local pharmacy. However, we’re happy to use the pharmacy of your choice.

Weekly Blood Pressure & Weight Checks

As part of our wellness program, weekly blood pressure and weight checks are available. If your doctor requests more frequent checks, we’re happy to do that, as well. We log all results in your chart and make them available to your doctor.

Our Connection to Beverly Hospital

The Herrick House is on the upper campus of Beverly Hospital. Our location and our affiliation with Beth Israel Lahey Health provide easy access to doctors’ offices, emergency services and a full range of care. All the medical services you need are within walking distance of your apartment here at The Herrick House, yet you’ll never feel like you’re on the grounds of a medical facility. The view from The Herrick House is tranquil, wooded and picturesque.

Your Home Sweet Home

 Let us show you how you can feel right at home at The Herrick House.